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Shoe collector breaks own world record

'Shoe Lady' Darlene Flynn of California has amassed 16,400 shoe-related items from furniture, art, badges, clothing, teapots, soap and phones.

By Olivia Bergin

Following a divorce, some women might dye their hair, move house or, more predictably, change their name. For Darlene Flynn of Romoland, California - otherwise known as the 'Shoe Lady' - put a spring in her step by igniting a love-affair with shoes, and has spent the past 11 years collecting 16,400 shoe-related trinkets.

Flynn's giant assortment of shoe-shaped furniture, shoe-themed art, clothing, teapots, soap, phones, porcelain and thousands of miniature shoe figurines fist catapulted her into the spotlight in 2006, when she set a world record with 7,765 items in her home.

Stepping things up a notch, Flynn's collection has since more than doubled to 16,400 pieces, breaking her own world record and costing around $500,000 (316,000) in the process.

The collection is so vast, it even takes Flynn two full weeks to remove each piece from its glass cabinet just to put them out on display.

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