About Ikon

Ikon Footwear Ltd is a highly recognised brand in the UK. We understand that a varied and individual footwear collection is just as important to men as it is to any woman. We thrive on evolving our styles and designs to suit the ever changing needs of today’s fashion conscious Man and we pride ourselves on providing high quality well designed products which not only look great but feel great too.

Our philosophy of drawing inspiration from the classic designs of yesteryear with a modern twist is carried throughout our ranges season after season, after all

“if it ain’t broke don’t fix it……..Improve it”

We have been around for over 20 years using our passion to develop some wonderful collections, from Seasonal Casual Wear right through to The Smart Dapper Footwear required for more formal occasions, With high fashion quirky styles thrown in for good measure.

We love what we do, We think it shows!


Ikon Original

Music and Fashion have always gone hand in hand influencing each other every step of the way.
The Original Range is where our designers get to use these influences to develop and evolve classic styles from the great British music genres such as the Mighty Mod Scene, Northern Soul, Ska & Scooter and Glam Rock to name but a few.

We have always delivered well designed and beautifully made styles perfect for those with a true passion for all things music, Footwear you would be proud to be seen in within a price range you would be pleased to pay.

Ikon Mainline

Our mainline concentrates on providing those classic staples you need in your wardrobe with that little extra style.
Each of our designs have their own endearing qualities that make each one a must have; the one pair of shoes you wear again and again, whether it be to the office or just because they look so damn good! Classics With Attitude.

History of Ikon

IKON has enjoyed organic growth; and development has been nurtured with care